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Glyn Hughes, MBA, SPHR
President CHI Memorial Mountain Management and CHI Memorial Medical Group

Glyn Hughes is president of CHI Memorial Mountain Management and CHI Memorial Medical Group. Glyn has more than twenty years of experience working with health systems in the areas of physician enterprise management, strategic/business planning, and managed care contracting. 

He has a MBA from Sheffield Hallam University (Sheffield Business School) in England, and is a Senior Professional in HR (SPHR) with the Society for Human Resources Management.


Sarah Lipp, M.Div., M.Ed., LPC/MHSP
NexteraMD Director of Operations

Sarah Lipp, M.Div., M.Ed., LPC/MHSP is the Director of Operations for NEXTeraMD. Sarah is responsible for overall growth, development and day to day performance of NEXTeraMD services to our customers.  Such services include but are not limited to management of staff, revenue cycle, customer relations and recruiting, functionality and quality of other NEXTeraMD service lines: IT, credentialing and human resources, etc.

Prior to her role at NEXTeraMD, Sarah has worked in different operational capacities for other large health care companies serving in roles such as a VP of operations, strategic business development, regional director, practice management and direct patient care as a licensed professional counselor.


Christa N. Dew

NEXTeraMD Director of Finance

Christa leads the finance and payment posting teams for NEXTeraMD as our Director of Finance. Christa has 20 years of experience in health care finance. She was a senior accountant for the physician enterprise for Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, TN and served as the interim CFO. Christa holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and business administration from Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee.


Stacey Ware
NEXTeraMD Revenue Cycle Manager

Stacey Ware is the Revenue Cycle Manager for NEXTeraMD.  She has over 20 years of experience working in the revenue cycle of healthcare.  Stacey leads the way for a team of specialists focusing on creating strategies for collecting payment from all funding sources as well as reporting on the health of the accounts receivable.  She works closely with operations as a liaison between the revenue cycle and provider.

Prior to her role with NEXTeraMD, Stacey worked in various different revenue cycle functions that include Payer Relations Manager, Billing Manager, Revenue Analyst, and Practice Business Office Manager.


Tarbell Patten 
NEXTeraMD Physician Recruiter

Tarbell has over a decade of experience in customer service, sales/recruitment and relationship building for business and strategic growth.  Tarbell is NEXTeraMD’s physician recruiter and liaison for all NEXTeraMD customer service deliverables and initiatives.   Tarbell also serves alongside the operations during each new client’s on-boarding process assisting in the connection of the practice to NEXTeraMD services.

Tarbell focuses on building lasting business relationships with a unique “hands on” approach that gives each of our clients a local feel and connection to the local CHI market hospital.  Tarbell has a unique gift in finding those specific needs, concerns and pain points that NEXTeraMD can seek to remedy.   


Kim Steele, MBA

NEXTeraMD Human Resources Business Partner 

Kim is the HR Business Partner for NEXTeraMD. She has a Bachelor degree majoring in Human Resources, minor in Criminal Justice from Shorter University and an MBA from Shorter University. Kim has over 16 years Human Resources experience in the Healthcare industry. Prior to her role as HR Business Partner, she held different functions in HR such as HR analyst and Recruiter.


Susan Goldsmith

NEXTeraMD Information Technology Services Manager 

Susan has over 21 years’ experience working in Information Technology Services and 26 years general healthcare experience. She is responsible for overseeing the installation and implantation of enhanced services to include hardware and telephone system set-up in new practices. Along with her team, Susan provides and manages the NEXTeraMD helpdesk support to the practices and our main location.


Donna Wooten

NEXTeraMD Information Services Applications Manager

Donna Wooten is the Information Services Applications Manager for Mountain Management Services and NEXTeraMD. Donna has more than 38 years’ experience working in Physician Office and Business Office roles. She has been working with GE Centricity Financial Systems for the past 18 years along with multiple other system applications. 

Donna and her team analyze, develop, maintain, train and administer computer software systems to meet business needs. Donna routinely meets with department managers to identify and analyze business functions that can be improved by the implementation of upgraded or new software solutions. Donna’s focus is to streamline and automate processes that will allow the end user to perform their jobs in an effective and efficient manner.