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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Pricing Structure for NEXTeraMD?

NEXTeraMD uses an independent party to determine a fair market value for the services provided. This fair market value is renewed and revised every two years to stay in line with national and regional pricing structures for similar products and services. Our fair market value allows us to keep our charges at a commercially reasonable price in different regions around the country.

Our fee for service is a percent of collections based on three things:

  • specialty of the practice
  • specific package or services chosen
  • net revenue for the most recent fiscal year of the practice

We have a vested interest in collecting the total allowable as quickly as possible as we are only paid if you are paid. Our flat fee pricing structure ensures that we do not nickel and dime our customers.

Our fees for optimization services are priced individually depending upon which services are selected by our clients.

Q. What makes NEXTeraMD different from other companies?

NEXTeraMD is a business owned by Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI), one of the nation’s largest healthcare systems. Therefore, NEXTeraMD has the ability to tap into the support and resources of the larger health care system without employing an independent practice. This affords every independent practice the opportunity to remain fully autonomous while gaining the benefits and expertise of a comprehensive and connected health care system. Our support team is based in the United States, eliminating communications barriers. NEXTeraMD does not have any added fees or extra charges for patient statements.

Q. Do we have to switch EMR systems?

No, you are able to keep your EMR of choice. We will collaborate with you to build connections to provide our full services to you. We will need logins for key staff to your EMR. Our practice management system will be downloaded into your office for your office to schedule within, but we are willing and able to provide registration services so the burden of double entry is low to front staff.

Q. What are your Specialty and Market Comparisons to National Benchmarks?

We consistently exceed national benchmarks in accounts receivable.